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5 Affordable Places To Live In Canada For Students

5 Affordable Places To Live In Canada For Students

I’m gonna tell you one thing right now you don’t have to go to big cities when choosing to study in Canada there are many cities to choose from and Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal that’s not the whole of Canada today I’m sharing five underrated cities for international students and all the newcomers.

The first city I have on my list Is;

5. Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary has become so popular lately, so 1.5 million people chose to live there I feel like Calgary is a perfect match if you want to live in a big city but you don’t want to spend so much money on housing in terms of Education Calgary has a lot to offer there are many universities such as University of Calgary Saint Mary’s University and Amherst University but they also have a few colleges such as Bow Valley College and SAIT.

By the way, all the Educational institutions I mentioned offer post-graduation work permits we are not interested in private education here average housing prices in Calgary are not that bad for one bedroom apartment you will pay something between $1200 to 1400 and a single person living in Calgary will need twelve hundred dollars extra for day-to-day expenses.

As for PR Pathways, I feel like Alberta is amazing they have a lot of immigration Programs and to be honest with you they’re much more straightforward than Ontario or Quebec the main industries in Calgary Alberta are gas, oil, and mining a bit of tourism so if you’re planning to study or work in those Industries Alberta is the place but also Alberta will be perfect for anyone who loves outdoors who loves nature because there are so many gorgeous parks around Alberta.

You literally drive for 2-3 hours you’re in the Rockies like have you seen this Gorgeous

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4. Ottawa.

Ottawa is a fairly big city there are 1 million people living there. what I really love about Ottawa is the location because you are two hours away from Montreal you’re five hours away from Toronto so you’re literally in the middle if you want to see your friends in Montreal two hours if you want to see your friends on the weekend in Toronto five hours amazing and let’s not forget about the educational institutions in Ottawa.

We Have Carlton University but we also have Algonquin College that’s where I started there is also College boreal. the housing might be at a higher price point than in Calgary so you would pay 1500 for one bedroom but the day-to-day expenses would be the same as in Calgary around 12 to 1300 per person per month.

ottawa an Affordable Place To Live In Canada For Students

As for the PR Pathways well it’s Ontario you have Express and tree you have provincial nominee all the basic stuff everything Is available to you in Ottawa as for the jobs you might know that Ottawa is the government center so a lot of government jobs but it’s not always like you know office jobs there are a lot of I.T positions there are a lot of call center positions.

I would also say that tourism and Communications are really popular in Ottawa because I don’t know how many people visit Ottawa yearly but I feel like a lot. every time I go to Parliament Hill A lot of people visit there trust me.

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3. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I almost never talk about Manitoba but this city got on my list for a reason Winnipeg is a bit smaller than Ottawa it has around 750,000 people well it’s still a bit silly right Manitoba has three universities the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, and Mitt.

But there are also colleges that are technical schools so there is Red River College Polytechnic Booth University College and Canadian Forces School of Aerospace again Winnipeg is not a huge City so the cost of living will not be super high so you can save up on your Housing.

As for PR again provincial nominee again Express entry you can apply for those programs basically from any place in Canada except for my favorite Quebec so take the chance and apply for Express entry the strongest Industries as per Winnipeg’s website are agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Aerospace and a bunch of heavy-duty stuff again mining.

so if you’re planning to be a miner or work in the medical like pharmaceutical industry Winnipeg would be amazing for you and again if you like quiet peaceful places I feel like Winnipeg would be perfect for you so you kind of live in a big city but it’s not like Toronto or like Vancouver with like what five millions of people living there so yeah big city pretty quiet City.

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2. Cornwall, Ontario.

this city is literally like a village compared to the rest of the cities on this list because there are Only 50, 000 people living there but what’s perfect is the location if you like Miss Yulia and love Montreal but also you don’t really want to live in Quebec because Quebec is like you know we all know what Quebec is.

Cornwall, it’s located an hour and a half from Montreal and an hour 20 from Ottawa so you can live in Ontario but go to Montreal for the weekend I feel like that’s amazing first of all because you will be able to play through provincial Nominee and express entry which doesn’t work in Quebec so you’re good.

but also there are a few educational institutions in Cornwall so we have Saint Lawrence College in there and we have Lawrence University even though the choice is literally a college or university I feel like Cornwall is a great City if you want to come to study and get your degree to save on living expenses to go party to big cities like Montreal and Ottawa and it’s just like perfect.

A one bedroom Apartment in Cornwall will cost you $900 to $1000 try finding a locker for $900 in Toronto or in Vancouver you can barely rent a parking spot for that amount of money as for PR I’ve mentioned that already they have Express entry but also Cornwall was testing the agriculture pilot I feel like they closed it as of now but if they reopen it you will have a bigger chance of getting your PR because you will have this pilot.

Cornwall would be a Perfect place for people who just want a quiet life but who also want to go to the cities to Montreal for the weekend I feel like we’ve been to Cornwall so many times because of all of the fun stuff let’s say apple picking or like a corn maze, everything falls you know Miss healing Labs fall all the fall activities they are in this area so every time we go somewhere it’s the Cornell area so if you have kids let’s say oh you’re planning to start a Family Cornwall amazing.

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1. Kitchener and Waterloo

first of all, Kitchener and Waterloo are literally neighbors so people often put them together the whole area is around 400, 000 people so it’s kind of like tiny but I mean it’s all right Kitchener and Waterloo they’re so close to Toronto literally one hour drive but the rent it’s going to be so much cheaper because you’re not in the Toronto area.

some of The universities and colleges have campuses there, for example, George Brown or Conestoga there’s also the University of Waterloo McMaster University, and Wilfred Laurier University and if you’re in I.T or engineering you know that Waterloo is the goat the greatest of all times because Google has an office there a lot of big companies are based there because Waterloo is basically a tech Hub and the best part is Google hires a lot of Interns from those universities.

from those colleges so if you want to build a career let’s say in it or engineering any planning to go to Canada Waterloo hear me out and go to Waterloo and get that internship at Google. again not all small cities are born and even if they are you can always buy a car and go to bigger places.

living in a smaller City means you will be Saving on rent so you can just buy a car and go to a big city on the weekend as a person who lived in a big city you will not always be spending all the time there you have your Monday to Friday so the time you have to spend in a big city is literally the weekend so maybe it is worth it to live in a smaller City while you’re studying and then move to a bigger one.

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