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7 Best Cheap Universities In Canada For International Students

7 Best Cheap Universities In Canada For International Students

For today’s article, I’m going to be giving you a list of some of the cheapest universities in Canada for international students for graduate programs so if you are a prospective international student looking to come to study in Canada for your graduate diploma your master’s or your Ph.D. and you also want to do so on a budget but You don’t know where to start from you don’t know what schools to check out definitely read more, for I will be giving you all the details on these schools sit back relax don’t go anywhere okay.

so we’re not going to waste too much time we’re just going to delve right into it however I do want to make some important points to know just for a few seconds I have a list of seven schools so obviously this list isn’t exhaustive because there are definitely more than seven schools that have cheap tuition rates for international students.

this is just something to give you an idea of where to look and what to look out for what programs tuition rates if you’re so concerned about how much it will cost to study in Canada they are definitely cheap schools and I created this list based on schools that have tuition rates Or tuition estimates at or less than ten thousand dollars because we all know that it costs a double of that amount to study as an international student.

so definitely this is worth something looking into also all of these schools that I’m going to be telling you to have a DLI which is a designated learning institution number this is a special code for the school when you apply to this school when you Graduate you can definitely get an open postgraduate work permit from the schools and you can also move on to get your permanent residency using these schools for your Canadian education requirements.

I will also be providing links to all of these schools if you’re new to the idea of exploring Canada you don’t know where to start when it comes to studies you’re looking for cheap schools and affordable tuition definitely read more to find out the schools and with the links and then find out what program is right for you and go ahead and apply.

also, I need to make another disclaimer just to let you guys know that the costs of the price that I’m going to be mentioning here are in Canadian dollars and they have also estimated averages what I’m giving you are estimates and averages if you choose to apply to any one of these schools when You get admission the school will give you the real deal the exact figures the exact cost for the tuition so just bear that in mind that these are estimates anything can happen they can change when you apply just bear in mind that things are always changing in Canada all the time every time okay.

with that being said we are moving right into the list I’m going to be starting with number seven so coming in at number seven is the;

7. University Of New Brunswick

this school is located in the capital and commercial city of Fredericton New Brunswick which is home to an annual harvest jazz and blues festival that is a lot of music for music lovers especially those of you who are into jazz for international students at this school the estimated tuition per year is $10, 845 dollars for a research-based graduate program and five thousand four hundred and eighteen dollars per year For a course-based graduate program.

this is actually very strange this is worth looking into because technically and normally research-based programs in Canada are cheaper than cost-based programs so with this school the reverse is the case now I don’t know why but this is exactly what I saw on the school website so it’s definitely worth looking into.

they also have a range of graduate programs that is worth considering if you’re looking for a cheap graduate School to attend in terms of the living cost if you were to rent a two-bedroom apartment the average price is one thousand four hundred dollars per month so if you wanted to share with someone else you will be paying seven hundred dollars per month now from my perspective that’s good however I still feel I think you can find something that is a little cheaper than seven hundred dollars per month.

6. Memorial University Of Newfoundland

this school is located in saint john’s which is also the capital city of Newfoundland and labrador if I know anything about this province I know that they have a lot of fishery agriculture as well as oil and gas because obviously, they are right beside the Atlantic ocean however I wouldn’t really advise you to pursue a career in oil and gas in that province as a matter of fact I wouldn’t even advise anybody To pursue a career in oil and gas in Canada period because there is a 0.0001 chance that you will get a job in oil and gas so I don’t know for the international students the tuition cost is estimated at $9,866 dollars per year.

they also have a wide range of graduate programs ranging from humanities and social sciences to sciences as well as arts this is a very famous school in terms of living Costs a one-bedroom apartment averages around $919 and a two-bedroom apartment averages around one thousand and two dollars according to to rent board. ca so if you were splitting with somebody for the two-bedroom apartment that means your rent will be $501 dollars that’s what you call dirt cheap it’s really cheap.

5. University Of Prince Edward Island

this university is Located in Charlottetown which is also the capital of the province prince Edward island this place is known for a lot of fisheries and agriculture again it’s right by the ocean as well as is home to the famous confederation center of the arts and the Canadian potato museum for a small province they produce a lot of potatoes people who live in this province are also called spot islanders whatever that means I don’t know.

tuition is estimated At eight thousand six hundred and eighty-eight dollars per two-year program for international students for a master of science degree they have programs in engineering, nursing, and veterinary science if you’re looking at the living cost a two-bedroom apartment will average around $1, 300.

Cheap Universities In Canada For International Students

4. University Of Saskatchewan

this university is located in the capital city of saskatoon in the province of Saskatchewan the estimated tuition per year for international students is eight thousand and ninety-six dollars if I know anything about this school is the fact that this school is so good when it comes to research.

this school is a top-tier research university one of The best research universities in Canada and even in the world whatever it is you want whatever it is you’re looking for you will find it at the University of Saskatchewan whether it’s engineering, nursing, medicine, public health, law, and public administration anything you want is at the University of Saskatchewan.

I know a number of people who have graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and they are doing excellently well for themselves if you don’t know any school To apply to like if you are not interested in any of the other schools that I have mentioned applied to the university of Saskatchewan they have a very good acceptance rate for international students if you had the opportunity to apply to two schools or three schools or even more let one of them be the university of Saskatchewan and you will thank me for this.

this school is so good if you’re into research and if You’re looking at a graduate program it’s really that good looking at the living costs for a one-bedroom apartment will cost on average $925 while a two-bedroom apartment will cost an average of $1,054 dollars now come on this school is cheap has considerably cheap tuition and you’re also getting cheap accommodation what more could you possibly ask for.

3. Brandon University

Brandon university is located in Brandon Manitoba this is not the capital city of Manitoba however the city is famously known as the wheat city of Canada because it processes flour meat fertilizers chemicals petroleum products and it also provides regional arts and cultural facilities.

estimated tuition per year for international students is $7,000 This school boasts one of the most affordable tuition rates in Canada they have grad programs in education nursing environmental sciences as well as music. considering the living cost a one-bedroom apartment averages eight hundred and seventy dollars and a two bedroom apartment averages one thousand one hundred and ten dollars so if you were splitting a two-bedroom.

in this city small city with cheap tuition you’ll be spending $550 per month on your Range which is a good deal it’s cheap it’s definitely cheap I would say.

2. Simon Fraser University

this university is located in Barnaby British Columbia which is only 15 minutes away from the capital city of Vancouver the estimated tuition per year for international students is five thousand dollars with programs in applied sciences, arts, social sciences, and also business.

looking at the living cost a one-bedroom Apartment averages a minimum of eight hundred dollars which means you will definitely find some one-bedroom apartments that cost more than a two-bedroom apartment averages a minimum of $990 dollars.

barnaby is only 15 minutes away from Vancouver which is a capital city however this city boasts of being 10 to 20 cheaper than Vancouver and I can tell you for A fact that the standard of living is really high a lot of people live on the outskirts or in neighboring cities and then they go to Vancouver for work or school.

neighboring cities are Barnaby, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack sorry you know some of those neighboring places right they live there they have properties there and then they come to Vancouver for their businesses or whatever it is they want to do there because those areas are cheaper the standard of living is Cheaper the gas is cheaper the food is cheaper I bet even the air that you breed in those neighboring cities cheaper than in Vancouver but anyway yeah so it’s definitely cheaper to live in Barnaby than it is to Vancouver you’re only going to be 15 minutes away so if you still wanted to go out and have fun you can definitely do.

1. University Of Northern British Columbia

this school is located in the northern part of the province of British Columbia the main campus is at prince George and other campuses are at fort st john parish and Quinnell estimated tuition per year for international students is $4,000 with the exception of an MBA program which is estimated at eight hundred and forty-five dollars.

if you were considering this school and you wanted to know what it would cost to rent a two-bedroom apartment the average is eight hundred dollars but it could be more this school is definitely one of the schools that you should be on the lookout for they have a number of graduate programs but it’s definitely worth looking at especially if you’re really on a budget.


when it comes to education in Canada okay so these are some of the few cheapest schools in Canada to come study as an international student, especially for graduate-level programs. if there is any of you out there who is looking to study in Canada for bachelor’s programs do let me know if you’re interested in finding out which universities are cheap or have cheap tuition for international students, especially for bachelor’s program let me know down in the comment section comment bachelors or comment cheap for bachelors And I will get right into it I hope that you like this article. I hope that it did it for you give it a thumbs up if you like this article share it with anybody who’s interested in studying in Canada.

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