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Top 15 Highest Paying Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada

Top 15 Highest Paying Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada

When about to make a decision on what career path to follow it is important to know if that career path is in high demand and how much would you get paid for it so today we shall take a look at the top 15 highest paying most in-demand jobs in Canada. let’s get started at number 15.

15. Web Developer

Web developers work at various organizations from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations and governments the average salary for a web developer is 69, 305 dollars. sometimes your salary can depend on your qualifications and expertise.

14. Welder

Welders are constantly amongst the most in-demand jobs in Canada to become a welder in Canada you need vocational training or apprenticeship or both you do not necessarily need a university or college degree but you still get well-paid to improve your potential of getting employed as a welder you can master the skill of underwater welding which requires you to be a good swimmer and not have acrophobia. the average salary is $63,474.

13. Registered Nurse

Canadians believe in proper healthcare in all provinces and territories and this is evident in the fact that nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada to become a registered nurse you need a bachelor’s degree and formal registration with the nursing territorial and regulatory authorities the average salary for a registered nurse is up to CA$82,574.

12. Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic

Heavy duty equipment mechanics maintain repair of whole large machinery and industrial heavy equipment which are connected to all moved by power units the average salary is CA$82, 864. there is currently a shortage of Heavy-duty equipment mechanics in Canada and they are in high demand.

11. Industrial Electrician

For this job you do not need a degree rather you need a skill and a combination of vocational training the average salary is CA$83, 671. on getting to Canada you can choose to be self-employed. there are also many firms looking to employ industrial electricians.

10. Business Development Manager

business development managers have the vital role Of customer client prospecting and also assisting the sales staff to close deals the average salary is CA$75, 003. to apply for these jobs you can use job posting websites like indeed and simplyhired. although there are various platforms you can use I suggest you try them out.

9. Account Manager

account managers have expertise in building client relationships either from the prospective or already existing client base employers in Canada are always on the lookout for account managers who have the expertise and specialize more in sales and customer relationship management software the average salary is $86, 104

8. Human Resources Manager

human resources managers have responsibility of recruiting the rights talent in canada’s top job market the average salary is in $90, 003. to get a job in this field you are required to have the best of qualifications and expertise as it is critical in a business organization.

7. Pharmacists

a pharmacist could build a career path by working in a hospital or a drug store or start their own pharmacy the requirement is a degree in pharmacy pass The exam conducted by the pebc and register in your proves or territory to become a certified pharmacist in canada the average salary for pharmacist is $89, 314.

6. Project Manager

people in this field are required in various sectors ranging from marketing sales engineering and more the nature of the job requires that you have to be flexible and possess an ability to juggle across different areas of Expertise in relation to managing people or budget the average salary is 91, 425 dollars.

5. Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers among the highest paying jobs in canada

electrical engineers design analyze specify construct and test electrical systems and components and are responsible for their safe operations the average salary is $91, 832. you must have enough experience to get a job in electrical engineer in Canada. and you also get plenty benefits as a worker.

4. Veterinarian

canadians love pets and many are owners of the rises of pets ranging from cats dogs and other domestic animals vets to canada are required to have a degree from a veterinary school that has a right approval the average salary is $80, 095.

3. Aerospace Engineers

aerospace engineers design research test and develop and oversee the manufacture and maintainers of aerospace vehicles And systems the average salary for an aerospace engineer is $98, 347.

2. University Professor And Lecturer

an average canadian lecturer ends about eighty three thousand five hundred and eighty four dollars while the professor ends an average of a hundred thousand three hundred dollars annually this also comes with special benefits like free tuition for employees and their spouse and dependents.

1. Software Engineer

you Might think software engineers only work for tech companies, that’s not true every company rely on a computer program, mobile and web app and the software is designed by software engineers a software engineer in canada is required to learn a master coding and app design coding has been one of the most in demand jobs in canada for two years now the average salary for a software engineer is a hundred thousand five hundred and sixty two dollars.


So there you have it top 15 highest paying most in demand jobs in canada do you agree with this list let us know in the comment section. these salaries varies based on your location, qualifications, skills, expertise and other factors and they can also be negotiated depending on your employee. so don’t be surprised if you are not getting paid what you expected. GOOD LUCK.

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