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Top 12 Best In High Demand Jobs In Canada

Top 12 Best In High Demand Jobs In Canada

Salaries are skyrocketing right now due to shortages the pandemic and many other factors if you’re on a hunt for a job in today’s article I’ll be listing some of the creative jobs that are in high demand right now and also be telling you guys how to get the salary range for the job that you might be interested in.

So as you can tell from the title of today’s topic I’ll be talking to you guys about every lucrative job I mean six figures kind of job. this list is going to be a mixture of both medical business and finance management and everything together so you’re going to be seeing a combination of different career paths in this article.

1. Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses jobs in canada

I mean this should not be of any surprise to anyone because of the pandemic there was a shortage of nurses here in Canada and just in the world in general Right so nurses were in high demand or are still even in high demand here in Canada.

I have a friend who’s a registered nurse she’s been resilient for nearly over 10 years now so she’s been in the system for a long time I spoke to her the other day and she told me that she got a contract with an agency.

there are two ways you can have a job here in Canada you have contract jobs and you have permanent jobs so if you’re working for An agency you’re under a contract and most times that contract might last for three months to six months just depending on the contract and what the agency has to offer right.

so her contract was for three months she was getting paid from hundred dollars per hour they’re also going to be paying her an extra 10 because she’s decided to go for the incorporated side of things so in total she’s making 810 Canadian dollars but our contractors have their benefits and Having a permanent job also has its own benefits but they also have their downsides as well.

yeah, registered nurses are the first on my list for highest paying jobs in demand right now in Canada for 2022.

2. Software Developers Or Software Engineers

I mean we’re currently in an internet age right now and everything is basically going online the demand for software developers or software engineers went Crazy during and after the pandemic rate software developers earn a competitive salary and is a very competitive field this row pays more because of the years of education and the experience and skills you put into such a career right. And the average salary for a software developer is between 100 to 150,000 Canadian dollars per year.

3. Pharmacists

They are just like nurses they were really in high demand during the pandemic and afterward, right pharmacy Is one of the top search jobs right now in Canada, and just like nursing pharmacy is also a licensed career here in Canada so if you have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy may be from back home you need to get the license here first in Canada before you are now legal to work as a licensed pharmacist the salary range for pharmacists right now in 2022 is between 79, 000 Canadian dollars to 116, 000 Canadian dollars.

4. Financial Controllers

financial controllers basically manage a company’s financial and accounting sector they do things like paying bills tax filing paying employees just making sure that the finance and accounting department or the company they work for is taken care of the average salary for a financial controller can range from 80, 000 to 150, 000 Canadian dollars per year and obviously this will depend on your certification your years of experience So the higher your experience the higher your tendency of you getting you to know higher salary if you decide to negotiate it.

5. Plant Manager

Plant managers basically oversee the daily operations of a plant from manufacturing to distribution to making sure that all the policies and procedures are done and taken care of. the average salary for a plant manager is between 90,000 to 160, 000 Canadian dollars per year so typically the higher Experience you have the higher your tendency of getting employed, and most people that have that kind of experience or have years of experience at getting into the retirement phase so, of course, they are kind of a bit limited right now in the workforce so hence why the demand and the salary.

6. Project Managers

Project managers and floor managers kind of have the same role but the only difference is that Project managers are specific to a particular project while plant managers oversee the daily activities of the company.

project managers are responsible for planning, organizing, and making sure that the employees or the staffs under them actually know their delegation and are actually working towards it for the sole purpose of completing a particular project the average salary for a project manager is between 51 to 117, 000 Canadian dollars per year.

7. Electrical Engineers

electrical engineers have become increasingly high in demand right now due to the fact that most companies now rely on you know online systems to be able to operate this career path you would need to have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and also how to follow through with the requirements of the regulatory body of the province you’re In the start of salary for an electrical engineer is between 80 to 100, 000 Canadian dollars but of course, you experience a negotiation your salary is definitely going to be way higher.

8. Marketing Directors

They have a very very important role and they just basically oversee the marketing department of that company so a marketing director can have like three or four teams under him that have different goals in mind and different projects but he or she oversees the overall marketing operations for that company marketing directors play a huge role in a company’s business because marketing and branding for a company are so so important of course to become a marketing director you need years of experience to be able to control the marketing side of things the average salary for a marketing director can range between 90 to 110,000 Canadian Dollars per year.

9. HR Managers

which is human resource managers in my opinion to be a human resource manager you just have to be a people person you’d have to be able to communicate with people and understand people to a certain extent because all your dealings are going to be around your employee’s employer and this takes a lot of practice and experience to become a human resource manager in Canada you would have to have A bachelor’s degree in a field like human resource management and the average salary for an hr manager is between 50 to 100,000 Canadian dollars per year.

10. Application Programming Managers

application programming managers take on a large boarding because they oversee different teams, different teams of programmers, right they are responsible for application programming and system analysis projects for a company so in Layman’s terms they are basically responsible for maintaining and improving the technology that runs the entire business the average salary for an ap manager is a hundred thousand Canadian dollars per year.

11. Business Development Managers

these people play a huge role in the success of every business because they’re everyone’s in charge of business deals developing new clients and developing The company’s clientele you know bringing in revenues for the company you know things like that they play a vital role in the success of every company or in the success of the company they work for the average salary for a business development manager is between 85,000 to 100,000 Canadian dollars.

12. Cloud Architect

cloud architect basically oversees the Cloud computing strategy of a company so they do things like cloud adoption plans application design cloud management and monitoring the great thing about this is that you don’t necessarily need to have a degree to become a cloud architect for it. to be of an advantage if you have some sort of experience or skill the average salary for a cloud architect is a hundred thousand Canadian dollars.


that’s it for today’s article. but I also want to say that just in case you want to you know get a job here in Canada and you need to know the average salary of the job you want to get. it’s not something that you should really a hundred percent trust but just give you an estimate of the amount of money that you can get paid here in Canada. to search for these jobs you can use platforms like Indeed. BEST OF LUCK.

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