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Top 20 Amazing Places To Visit In Canada

top 20 best amazing places to visit in canada

In a country this large and diverse there’s genuinely something for everybody welcome to travelxpat and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 20 places to visit in Canada in 2020 are you a fan of our website be sure to visit more often to be notified about our latest post for this list. we’re looking at some of the most interesting beautiful and enticing places you should consider For your next journey.

20. Tobermory Ontario

a community located at the northernmost tip of the Bruce Peninsula Tobermory takes its name from a harbor in Scotland the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment never fail to make an impression while the crystal-clear waters have earned it a reputation as the freshwater scuba diving capital of the world not only is Lake Huron a beautiful turquoise Blue here at the mouth of the Georgian Bay but there are also a number of shipwrecks to explore in the area kite surfing kayaking hiking in the Bruce Peninsula National Park there’s really no shortage of activities to keep a traveler busy.

19. Haines Junction Yukon

not for the faint of heart but offering pristine natural Northern Beauty Haines Junction is the perfect home base for the adventure of a lifetime The main attraction here is clue Ani National Park and reserve which lies just west of the village this 8000 499 square mile area of protected land was established in 1972 and encompasses the highest mountain in all of Canada Mount Logan look in any direction and you’ll think you’re looking at a painting or desktop background that is how stunning the rugged landscape is amid the glaciers mountains creeks and hearty greenery you’ll find a whole new appreciation for the great white north, especially during the annual northern Knights Festival.

18. Winnipeg Manitoba

Manitoba like neighboring Saskatchewan often goes overlooked by international travelers and Canadians alike but Manitoba is worthy of your attention, especially since it’s the capital city of Winnipeg a culinary scene is woefully underrated but foodies are beginning to take note of the exciting things that young chefs and restaurateurs are Bringing to the table.

the city also boasts distinctive architecture up through cultural festivals year-round and for the educationally minded it just so happens to be home to the Royal Canadian Mint Plus after losing their NHL hockey franchise in 1996 the city finally brought the Jets home in 2011 and really you can’t visit a significant Canadian City without experiencing the nation’s favorite sport firsthand.

17. St. John New Brunswick

this maritime province is one that travelers often simply pass through on their way to PEI and Nova Scotia but let the record show that New Brunswick as a province is home to beautiful beaches welcoming people and seafood of high caliber though not the province’s capital and no longer it’s most populated as of 2016 st. Sean has distinguished itself as an underappreciated cultural hub that just so happens to be on the cutting edge When it comes to green initiatives it’s an extremely walkable city characterized by historic architecture and businesses that appeal to modern tastes from restaurants that understand the value of quality local ingredients to a booming craft beer and coffee scene st. John will surprise you.

16. Haida Gwaii British Columbia

should you want to add this to your west coast itinerary you’ve got a lot to plan ahead for a UNESCO World Heritage Site Why Honus National Park Reserve prioritizes preservation above all else as such only 1,800 are granted access in a given calendar year Haida Gwaii is an archipelago that consists of two primary islands Moresby island and graham island as for the protected portion of the land it covers 570 square miles and is home to a number of subspecies that cannot be found anywhere else in the world including the dusky shrew peals peregrine falcon and the Haida Gwaii Black bear as such the islands of Haida Gwaii have come to be referred to as the Galapagos Islands of Canada.

15. Churchill Manitoba

for those who aren’t afraid of the cold and have a passion for wildlife a trip to Churchill makes for a unique once-in-a-lifetime trip a small town hugging the coast of the Hudson Bay Churchill Manitoba is home to less than a thousand people for a few months of the year however the population gets larger and notably hairier known as the polar bear capital of the world Churchill plays host to these remarkable creatures while they wait for the beta freeze over polar bears are typically solitary creatures except during the unique circumstances that arise in Churchill during the late summer to fall months between bears birds and beluga whales this tiny town attracts over 10,000 eco-tourists every year.

14. Fogo Island

Newfoundland and Labrador know where in Newfoundland is the overall travel experience more surprising and unique than on Fogo the largest offshore island in the province Fogo is just shy of 92 square miles of rocky Greenland that’s rich in history and culture and welcoming locals the island is home to a handful of little communities that are fiercely proud of their heritage and this rugged landscape in which they’ve put down roots from the colorful clapboard Houses to the stunning coastline Fogo Island is picture-perfect depending on the time of year you can even spy a passing iceberg and at the stunning Fogo Island in you can taste locally sourced dishes from celebrated Newfoundland chef Jonathan gusu.

13. Penticton British Columbia

here in this dry and sunny Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia fruit orchards have slowly but steadily transformed into vineyards giving birth to a booming and now World-renowned wine country as such the Okanagan Valley has become a major tourist destination one that’s especially popular with retirees but there’s arguably no place where the many pleasures of the Okanagan Valley can be appreciated quite so well as in Penticton this city of under 50,000 people invites you to come and indulge in fine wines while also exploring an abundance of green space hiking trails and bike paths this is a city that knows How to have fun while maintaining an ethos of sustainability

12. Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec

as you travel across Canada you encounter a number of truly distinct cultures in few places is this more apparent than in neighs in de la Madeleine also known as the magdalen islands part of the larger Quebec region known as guess BZ is de la Madeleine the magdalen islands are largely populated by Acadians the descendants of French Colonists who settled in the maritime provinces while technically a part of Quebec the Makela islands are Gia graphically closer to the Maritimes and this results in a very distinct culture this archipelago boasts beautiful red sandstone cliffs brilliant green fields and hills and sandy beaches but above all else it’s the welcoming locals with their love of music and food that will leave a lasting impression.

11. Victoria British Columbia

smaller and Distinctly less busy than Vancouver Victoria is the sort of place where you can enjoy life at a more relaxed pace but without ever running out of things to do the city itself being of such modest size is extremely walkable and there’s no shortage of waterfront and green spaces to enjoy the colorful houseboats at Fisherman’s Wharf make for an eye-catching sight and the downtown area is similarly charming though there are some high-rises the streets are Primarily made up of colorful Victorian style two to four-story buildings shops restaurants cafes pubs hotels theaters there’s enough here to keep a traveler occupied for more than one trip Victoria is also home to the oldest Chinatown in Canada which is a must visit.

10. Niagara Falls Ontario

this destination is one that requires very little introduction Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most iconic landmarks located right on the US border and shared with New York State this epic waterfall never fails to make an impression towering over 160 feet tall and moving at an average of 85 thousand cubic feet of water per second the Falls are hard to fathom but even more difficult to wrap your mind around is the history of death-defying feats that have been attempted here dating all the way back to 1829 what would compel people to try to ride over the Falls and various types of Barrels we’ll never fully understand but it certainly makes for a fascinating history lesson plus the Niagara region has plenty of other attractions and is renowned for its local wines.

9. Saskatoon Saskatchewan

like Afra mentioned Manitoba Saskatchewan is a province that far too many people simply pass through on their way to the east or west coast but the province’s most populated city is an underappreciated gem of a metropolis that is only now finally beginning to get the attention it deserves with dozens upon dozens of annual festivals celebrations should really no such thing as a bad time of year to visit the Riverside district is particularly stunning and is one of the city’s greatest assets as part of the Miwa-san trail it features walking paths on both sides of the water Winterson Saskatoon are cold but the locals know how to make the most of it with sledding skating cross-country skiing and more and they’ll be only too happy to show you how.

Amazing Places To Visit In Canada

8. Quebec City

Quebec speaking of cities that know how to have a good time even when the temperature dips well below freezing there are a few places more enchanting during the holiday season than Quebec City the historic city of old Quebec which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 looks like it was ripped from the pages of a fairy Tale especially when there’s a fresh layer of snow adorning the trees cobblestone streets and historic architecture the Chateau Frontenac is Quebec City’s most iconic hotel it dates back to 1893 and serves as the city’s central landmark and the defining feature of its skyline during the winter time however the city’s world-famous Ice Hotel is also worth a visit even if spending the night is beyond your budget foodies, in particular, will find much to Appreciate in this culinarily inclined City.

7. Tofino British Columbia

if you can’t get enough beach time and like to take life at a slightly more relaxed pace Tofino is the place for you situated on the southern edge of clock wood sound on Vancouver Island’s west coast Tofino is arguably Canada’s most celebrated surfing destination and just an all-round charming place boasting 22 miles of surfable Beach and extremely agreeable weather its little wonder as To why this small village of only 2,000 residents swells too many times that size during the summer months more than just a beach town though Tofino has developed a reputation as a thoroughly authentic getaway where one is hard pressed to find a chain amid the local run businesses and everything these local businesses do they do with care from food and drinks to sustainability efforts and encouraging the Arts.

6. Banff Alberta

this town in Western Canada is to put it in a single word surreal the scenic mountain views make you feel absolutely tiny by comparison and yet they are so spectacularly beautiful you’re going to feel perfectly at peace with your relatively small place in the world the town shares its name with the surrounding national park which having been established in 1885 is the nation’s oldest like neighboring Lake Louise this is firing getaway puts the environment first and That commitment to sustainability can be felt in every business you deal with during the winter season there are few places with better skiing and snowboarding anywhere in Canada while during the summer months there is a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy after a long day the hot springs are the perfect way to relax in the evening regardless of the time of year.

5. Prince Edward Island

it might be candid As the smallest province but Pei packs a whole lot of Appeal into its modest footprint Charlottetown the province’s capital and the larger of its two cities is likely to be the center point of your visit but given that the island province is so small you can easily explore the entirety of it in a single trip now with that being said after your first visit to the garden of the Gulf we are fairly certain you’ll want to make a return trip and here are a few reasons why the People are just about the most hospitable you’ve ever met the deep red sand of its shores is beautiful and its beaches are among the best in Canada the most famous of them being singing sands so named because of how the sand squeaks underfoot add in the lighthouses local art seafood and scenic drives and you’ve got the perfect maritime vacation.

4. Montreal Quebec

Quebec City might be the province’s most picturesque city but Montreal is by far the most vibrant Its neighbor to the north Montreal knows how to make the most of cold weather with a plethora of winter activities including igloo fest and fete de NESH or the snow festival and Mawile anemia and when the weather begins to warm up that’s when the festival floodgates really open spring through fall often feels like one big party in the city even if your trip fails to line up with the Jazz Fest or Just for Laughs the city’s legendary nightlife is sure To keep you pulling in turned during the warm summer days you can’t go wrong strolling the city’s many picturesque parks or indulging in Montreal’s top-notch culinary scene there are more restaurants per capita in Montreal than anywhere else in Canada and across North America, it’s second only to NYC

3. Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia

You might be wondering how a place that some of you have never heard of cracks the top three destinations on Our list simple not every traveler is looking for the hustle and bustle of a big city or a carefully crafted resort destination like Banff when you’re in the mood for a more simple scenic trip to Canada you can’t go wrong with this hidden gem in the Maritimes a rural community on the southern shores of Nova Scotia the settlement dates back to 1868 historically fishing was the primary economic driver but while tourism has largely replaced that the quintessential Charms of Peggy’s Cove remain untarnished by its ever-increasing draw the stirring attraction of the area is Peggy’s Point Lighthouse but really it’s the deep connection of locals to their fishing routes coupled with their undying appreciation for the ocean that makes it so enchanting plus the entire area is just picturesque.

2. Toronto Ontario

While a few days in Peggy’s Cove sounds like a great way to recharge and reconnect there is no denying the appeal of Canada’s most populated city and economic epicenter Toronto is a multicultural metropolis and that diversity is very much a part of this city’s appeal there is really no cuisine that you can’t find a great example of with enough research or exploration and while Montreal in a certain West Coast City gives it a run for its money in this regard there’s no denying that Toronto is the country’s cultural hub in terms of the arts its Produced the country’s biggest musical acts and remains the best place to catch up and comers from the historic distillery district to Kensington Market there’s no shortage of fun neighborhoods to explore and sure a trip up the CN Tower might be touristy but there’s no arguing with that view.

1. Vancouver British Columbia

Vancouver might not be Canada’s most populated city or its capital but people have been flocking there both to live And visit and it’s easy to understand why though it doesn’t get the hot summer Montreal does it also doesn’t have to deal with the frigid cold winters making it an extremely comfortable place to be pretty much year-round.

it’s a bustling exciting city that’s on the cutting edge of food fashion music and yet the surrounding area remains distinctly wild ensuring that nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts never Need to go far for their next great adventure and really how many destinations be it in Canada or elsewhere for that matter can you get the best of both worlds in one place a city rich in green space museum’s markets world-class restaurants and more Vancouver is a must visit.

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