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Rhodes Scholar – Requirements And How To Apply

Rhodes Scholar - Requirements And How To Apply

Incredible new events occur if a group of people get together and have a common purpose. The Rhodes scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime way to school at Oxford with extraordinary young folks from all across the globe. have you always wished you would go to Oxford to study? If you do, you’ve probably heard of the Rhodes Scholar program.

A Rhodes Scholar is a person who has received a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. The Rhodes Award is a fully financed full-time postgraduate scholarship that permits impressive young students from all across the globe to study at Oxford. It is tough to obtain a scholarship. But it’s an encounter that’s helped hundreds of students succeed in school.

The Rhodes Scholarship is a postgraduate award granted to overseas students wishing to study at Oxford University. It was founded in 1903 and is the oldest known graduate scholarship. It is recognized as one of the most prestigious foreign scholarship schemes around the globe.

Rhodes Scholars have included statesmen, professors, researchers, physicians, novelists, industrialists, and Nobel Laureates. Many professors have grown to become presidents or leaders of the state. You will, however, receive a scholarship to Oxford University simply by enrolling in this initiative and being accepted.

The most intriguing aspect is that it provides every exceptional student with a fully financed scholarship scheme. Unfortunately, several individuals are unaware that the Oxford-based Rhodes Foundation supports Rhodes.

What Are Rhodes Scholars

A Rhodes scholar is a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship or also referred to as a group of persons who have received the Rhode scholarship, one of the world’s most renowned and competitive awards, which permits you to pursue a postgraduate degree from the University of Oxford in the U.k.

Requirements For Rhodes Scholarship

Every Rhodes Scholarship candidate must fulfill the following criteria:

Citizenship & Residency.

All candidates must fulfill the citizenship and residence criteria of the Rhodes constituency.


Applicants should be under the age of 25 and at minimum 18 years old. (That is, you must have been born between October 1, 1997, and October 1, 2004,). Alternatively, you must be younger than 27 on October 1, 2022. (born after October 1, 1995). So you must have fulfilled or be on track to complete the educational requirements for your first diploma before July 1, 2021.


Eligible candidates should have reached the level of educational excellence that will allow them to graduate with a bachelor’s degree by October of the subsequent year. To be admitted to the University of Oxford, one’s educational standing must be satisfactory. That has exceptionally high entrance requirements in order to ensure that Rhodes Scholars accomplish brilliantly intellectually in Oxford.

Individual constituency may specify a first or alternative. Some seats need a bachelor’s degree from the district in which the registration is being filed.

Academic Achievement

Applicants should have obtained or be on the verge of acquiring an undergraduate program (typically a Bachelor’s degree) with a good GPA. Prior to July 2023, you must have a mark that equals or exceeds the exact admissions criteria of your chosen full-time study at the University of Oxford.

  • Whether you are unsuccessful in your first proposal for a Rhodes scholarship, you are only allowed to apply once again (and in the same constituency) if you fulfill the qualifying standards.

English Language

To fulfill the University of Oxford’s English language competency criteria, you must have a relatively good level of English (at the higher level specified).

Why Should You Apply For A Rhodes Scholarship?

A Rhodes Scholarship has a huge influence and comes with several benefits. One is the chance to study at Oxford, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions.

Numerous Rhodes Scholars say they enjoy the variety of educational and global opportunities that the program provides. These include the chance to extend perceptions via contacts formed with fellow researchers from across the universe, as well as the potential to live in a foreign country and learn in a diverse teaching environment.

Yeah obviously, no conversation about the Rhodes Award would be genuine without emphasizing that it is undoubtedly one of the most internationally recognized scholarships available, and its name carries a lot of weight. We strongly advise against seeking the Rhodes Scholarship only for the purpose of capitalizing on its reputation (and this motivation will not be reflected favorably in your entry).

If you do get to be a Rhodes Scholar, though, you’ll discover a plethora of education and better access to you as you follow in the footsteps of the Rhodes’ many prominent predecessors in fields like government, academics, technology, art, and much more.

How To Become A Rhodes Scholar

The Rhodes scholarship requires different standards depending on the region. Every country’s application process for the Rhodes scholarship in 2023 is different. On the official site, choose your nation or area and commence the registration procedure. You can, therefore, read the eligibility requirements as well as the online material on the website.

As A Rhodes Scholar, You Can Obtain A Variety Of Degrees

With a few exemptions, a Rhodes Scholarship permits you to pursue any full-time postgraduate degree at Oxford over the course of two years. This enables you to get one or two master’s degrees, a second bachelor’s degree, or a doctorate. It’s important to note that the Rhodes Scholarship can only be used for two years, so if you want to pursue a one-year master’s degree, you’ll almost certainly need to pursue a second one-year master’s degree.

The following is a comprehensive list of all graduate degrees available at Oxford, categorized by department.

Several Rhodes Scholars from the U.s.a. have chosen to pursue master’s degrees in the past few years, maybe as a singular two-year degree or as combined one-year degrees.

Most Rhodes Scholars, on the other hand, prefer to pursue a second bachelor’s degree. Although a second bachelor’s degree may appear superfluous, it may be the best option for some people, considering that the Oxford BA is significantly more concentrated than a BA earned from an American university. Furthermore, you can request to upgrade it to an MA seven years after matriculation without having to take any additional courses.

The scholarship only covers you for at least three years, You might be likely to get your fourth-year tuition & fees reimbursed based on your specialty, but this isn’t assured. In either case, the Rhodes Scholarship does not provide a grant beyond the third year of college, so you’ll need to supplement your income to cover your living costs.

The Benefits Of A Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes scholarship covers both fees and a yearly payment from Oxford University. during the academic term 2021/22, the remuneration amounts to £17,310 annually (£1,442.50 for every month), which recipients must use to pay all living costs, notably accommodation. It’s important to note that this does not protect companions or relatives.

Their comprehensive Terms of Tenancy documentation lays out the allowable degree combos as well as the number of years of education funded by the scholarship, which is depending on course selection. Scholars pursuing a DPhil (Ph.D.) at Oxford, for instance, can earn up to three years of tuition plus an annuity.

The Rhodes Foundation will cover the cost of applying to the University of Oxford. When you are chosen for the scholarship, that is. The International Health Surcharge and also the expense of a study visa will be covered by the Foundation (IHS). This permits overseas students to access the NHS in the United Kingdom.

Two economy-class tickets will be paid for by the Rhodes Trust. And from the United Kingdom, where they began and ended their academics at Oxford. When scholars arrive in Oxford, they are given a settling-in stipend. Those who transfer to a second term of study in Oxford will be given additional financial assistance to cover the expenses of visa extension and IHS registration.

Upon arriving in Oxford, you will be given a settling-in allowance of £250 (about $350 USD). You may also be eligible for research grants to cover the costs of attending conferences or conducting more fieldwork. And, as previously said, if you obtain a DPhil as a Rhodes Scholar, you will be eligible for the third year of financing, with certain expenses perhaps funded throughout your fourth year too.

Whilst the actual monetary worth of the scholarship differs, it normally ranges from $70,000 per year to $250,000 overall (over four years) for students pursuing a DPhil.


Even for the strongest and top students, the Rhodes Scholarship is exceedingly demanding, and the registration process is lengthy and complicated. If you have a strong educational performance, substantial recreational involvement, defined belief systems and aspirations, and a solid drive to achieve the path towards improvement, you may have a good chance of obtaining a Rhodes.

To give yourself the greatest opportunity, you should first work on building an academic and co-curricular profile that demonstrates ambition, intelligence, and commitment. Compelling and diversified letters of reference, a precise and unique written statement, and a self-assured discussion will all help you become a Rhodes Scholar.

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