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10 Free Scholarships In The USA For International Students

10 Free Scholarships In the USA For International Students

A lot of international students depend on scholarships to fund their programs abroad but one thing with scholarships is that it can be very very competitive and a lot of people do not have the chance to win any of these scholarships to study in their favorite universities abroad so today I’m going to share with you another way that people are beginning to use to fund their study abroad and that is through graduate Assistantships.

I’m going to share with you 10 U.S universities that give International students this opportunity to apply to their school and have their tuition wiped so many of the schools you don’t even need an application fee some of them do but some of them don’t even need application fee if you are qualified for any of their programs they will also offer you this opportunity to work and study at the same time.

it is really cool that a lot of people are beginning to find success with this. for some of you that are willing to study in the United States in the 2022 and 2023 academic sessions so without further Ado let’s get it;

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1. Virginia Tech

So this Virginia Tech offer assistantship so and it is similar to some other schools that I’m going to be talking about in this article so basically what it means is that you’ll be working as a graduate assistant or Research assistant or some other administrative role in that school and it’s going to depend on the course on the cost of study okay.

it’s possible that some programs will have positions available but some will not so basically, these schools will have the opportunity at least have that opportunity so it’s now up to you to find out if your own course of study has positions for you.

They have a graduate assistance program and they said many departments evaluate graduate admissions applications to match them with available assistantship positions so most exercising position opportunities are managed at the department and program level if you are interested you need to contact the program of Interest.

so they say current students seeking funding are encouraged to monitor the postings and all of that so they usually post the Positions. they also have counselors and they will send you an email or they will call your phone and then you now have the opportunity of asking all the questions that you have.

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2. Tulane University School of Science & Engineering

you know engineering is beginning to be hot in so many European countries and even the United States so if you’re in the engineering field here is an opportunity for you so they have applications for Ph.D. Masters and certificates graduates. they have graduate student financial aid they said the School of Science and Engineering offers teaching Assistantships and research assistant studies.

In this school, you have this opportunity to teach research and this is going to cover you they also have a stipend that they will be paying you every month and it will cover your tuition which is really really cool so if you’re a Ph.D. student you have an opportunity for you to Tulane University School of Science and Engineering.

so what you need to do again you contact the program director and find out if they have that other position available at the time you are applying and then you submit all the requirements and all of that and they’ll be able to offer you this position so it is really really cool.

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3. Western Illinois University

They have categories of assistantships they have teaching assistant teaching support assistant research assistant graduate assistant so what you need to do is for you to apply an application for an assistantship will be submitted and offered to the graduates with the school of Graduate Studies so this is available for both domestic and international students.

they say the application is available as part of the domestic application process or online. for international students so this is really interesting it’s good to see that it is available for international students I like its part of the application process they know that people are looking for this graduate assistant program. so this is Western Illinois University.

4. University Of New Orleans

this is for their graduate assistantship so this is all the information that you need they have the categories of an assistantship teaching assistant teaching Associates and all of that they have for Graduate assistantship notes for international students.

they say investors currently host approximately international student-faculty from over 90 countries so the international students you can also contact them for that particular program okay so students interested in obtaining an assistantship are encouraged to contact their degree program so like I mentioned it’s the same for all these universities.

if you Are interested I also provide a link where you can apply they have the form already for someone that they want you to check with the program that you are applying for and check if they have available positions.

for someone that already has experience with this, it is recommended that when you are applying for any of these courses first of all contact the program coordinator Ask all the questions about whether they have this position before you even apply.

5. West Virginia University

This one I like this because they have a sample assistantship that we have everything about graduate assistantship in their school they explain how you can find it they said most questions are managed by individual faculty members the same thing we are saying so the good thing is that they have it available.

it is not up to you to find the course that you’re studying if it is engineering Nursing or anything contact The Graduate coordinator ask them if they have positions and that you will need others once they say that they have positions and they allow you to you apply then you will see that you will get those positions when you apply.

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6. University Of South Florida

University Of South Florida free USA Scholarships

They have an assistantship for international students as well so what you need to do they explain everything here and who They are Awards The Graduate assistantship and the eligibility this one said I must be accepted into a degree program and all of that so but how you will know if they even have vacancy is by contacting the program coordinators.

they have everything that you need to know here and some other scholarship that they have available for international students they have you know International students inquiries so if You want to contact the school.

but the best thing is to check the course that you want to study find who their program coordinator is and then send them an email or you can call them if you are in a position to call and this is really how some people find this graduate assistant positions in the United States.

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7. SUNY Polytechnic Institute

I love this one because they also have this gadget assistant for International Students so they offer this opposition for international students they have a lot of them and they want you to also apply one thing you need to know about the United States is what I have noticed is that if you’re spending master’s degree there are a lot of opportunities and there are even greater opportunities for Ph.D. students.

if you’re already into the research you will be able to find fully funded Scholarships in the United States much more easily and even Master students are beginning to find success in the United States this is really really interesting because the U.S is actually a place to be the opportunities that you are exposed to on a daily basis is just mind-blowing.

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8. University of Pennsylvania

it’s still one of the schools that have a Graduate School of Education so they have master they also have graduate assistantships again say the same graduate assistant student workers providing academically relevant services such as supervised participation in faculty research projects teaching support athletes activities and all of that.

so this one is the graduate assistant opportunity. students are hired as GS will be notified by their program so yes it’s just like what we have been saying it depends on the program this school they have such opportunities for their students so you want to when you are applying for any of the programs here, first of all, ask them if they have this opportunity and if that is true then you go ahead and apply.

9. Texas Women’s University

Applying for a graduate assistantship so they also have opportunities for this need to do is that you need to first complete the application for graduate assistantship they have a form already on their website so if you find that they have a program that you want to apply for then you go to this their graduate assistantship website download the form and apply.

they have all the information that you need but this School has this opportunity as well so you want to explore them.

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10. Townson University

they also have graduate assistantships they say different tasks that they have they have graduate assistant teaching assistantships and research assistantships and they have to work 20 hours per week or 10 hours per week the advantages they said students and disabilities are admitted to a graduate degree program and all of that.

So if they usually post the positions on their website so again what you need to do is when you are applying ask them if they have such opportunities and whether you can apply and all of that and they’ll give you all the information that you need.

there are so many more schools interestingly that have work and study programs in terms in terms of the graduate assistant program research assistant program and even some Administrative roles in their schools in the U.S

A lot of them and I’m going to continue to share some of these ones if you found this very helpful so let me know if you found this list very helpful in the comments section let me know if there are certain details that you want me to include or the kind of information you want to see in the US and I’ll be glad to do those research when I have the time so thank you.

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