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Where To Stay In Buenos Aires – A Complete Guide To The Neighborhoods And Areas

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires - A Complete Guide To The Neighborhoods And Areas

Argentina’s capital city is Buenos Aires. There is always something new to find in Buenos Aires, which is a busy and vibrant lively place 24/7 a day. Travelers who appreciate architectural and art history will quickly form a relationship with Buenos Aires, a city rich in cultural legacy.

Buenos Aires is unique in that it is a metropolis that is approachable to everyone. There are upscale hotels, inexpensive backpacker lodgings, and anything in between.

Buenos Aires is also an excellent starting place for further excursions in Argentina. Many visitors come to Argentina to see the country’s remote ranches, and hundreds of firms provide day tours from the capital to the farms.

It is a vibrant and engaging metropolis. The arts sector is growing, and visitors may also explore the city’s rich contemporary art once they’ve gotten their share.

With so much to see and do in Buenos Aires, the problem of “where should I stay in Buenos Aires?” may seem overwhelming.

This is why we created this guide on where to stay in Buenos Aires by neighborhood.

We’ve got you covered with our Buenos Aires neighborhood tour, whether you’re looking for sleek, trendy stores, the greatest bars, fascinating street art, and exhibitions, or green areas and playgrounds.

Continue reading to discover the greatest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires for couples, gatherings, socialites and writers, and much more.

Let’s look at where you may stay in Buenos Aires so you can reserve ahead of time.

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palermo, arentina

Palermo is a vibrant Buenos Aires district where you may stay. Palermo is the greatest spot to stay for those who want to be active every moment each and every day.

Like it or not, Palermo boasts more green areas than the Retiro and Recoleta combined. Jardn Japonés and Jardn Botánico Carlos Thays are two of Recoleta’s must-see public parks. Jardn Japonés is a typically planted Japanese garden with koi ponds.

Palermo is among Buenos Aires’ bigger neighborhoods. it is great for budget-conscious guests who want to tour on foot. It’s one of the city’s most walkable areas, with a must-see attraction around every block.

Partying is one of my personal favorites to enjoy in Buenos Aires! The Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires is a cultural hotspot. Palermo’s grandeur and flair are attracting an increasing amount of foreigners and holidaymakers.

Tour the ancient monuments of Palermo, and Buenos Aires, stroll along the broad boulevards, feast at the innumerable eateries, and interact in Palermo’s busy nighttime.

It is our topmost priority as to where to stay in Buenos Aires, however, Palermo also has enough to do during the day, with its large green areas and several art galleries.

Perfect For: Taking a stroll, exploring its architecture, Backpackers on a Budget, Nature Lovers, Foodies, Couples & Families, Sightseeing and so much more.

Places to visit include Van Koning Bar Dutch, Planetario Galileo Galilei, Monumento a La Carta Magna y las Cuatro Regiones Argentinas,  MALBA Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, Eco Park, Plaza Italia, Evita Museum amongst others.

Suggestions for Hotels include Dazzler Polo Hotel, Palermo Soho Hostel, Cristóforo Colombo, Palo Santo Hotel and the Aww Suites & Spa Hotel.


The area of Retiro is among the most famous tourist destinations in Buenos Aires. The soft murmuring of the sea produces a relaxed out feeling in Retiro, which is nestled on the riverside and looks out to Uruguay in the horizon.

It is a rather peaceful area. It’s ideal for jet-lagged visitors who want a more leisurely welcome to the city. It’s a haven for cultural enthusiasts looking to delve behind the city’s veneer.

In Retiro, there is a delicate feeling of nobility. Maybe it’s because of the stylish cafés and boutiques that fill the streets, or maybe it’s because of the friendly residents.

In the city, getting into the pulse of Buenos Aires is as simple as it gets. In Plaza General San Martin, visitors and residents alike spend a pleasant time. Torre Monumental is the area’s most prominent destination. The city received the high clock tower as a gift from the British minority in 1916.

Perfect For: Art Lovers, Visiting for the First Time, Luxury Travellers, Nature Lovers, Foodies, Couples & Families, Sightseeing, Prospective Historians and so much more.

Places to visit include Arms Museum of the Nation Tte. Gral. Pablo Riccheri, National Railway Museum, Plaza General San Martin, Torre Monumental, Edificio Kavanagh, Palacio Paz, Palacio San Martin, Monument to the Fallen in Malvinas and others.

Suggestions for Hotels include NH Buenos Aires Crillón Hotel, Waldorf Hotel Buenos Aires, Sheltown Hotel, Embajador Hotel, Emperador Hotel Buenos Aires.



Recoleta, a convenient and upscale neighborhood, is a delight to explore because to its wonderful architecture. Due to the sheer gorgeous townhouses designed in the Beaux-Arts style, walking through this neighborhood may make you feel like you’re in Rome.

Recoleta is known for being one of the most affluent communities in Buenos Aires and host to some of the city’s most prominent establishments, but it’s also a fantastic spot to stay for architectural aficionados and anybody looking to be near some amazing tourist attractions.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid is one of Recoleta’s best-kept secrets. El Ateneo Grand Splendid, formerly a theater, has been transformed into a large bookstore. The structure, which originates from 1919, is still as popular among residents as it was when it originally opened.

The Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo is a must-see for anybody visiting Recoleta. The opulent exhibit has a garden, and the entire area holds works of art from all across the globe.

In Recoleta, there are a plethora of retail choices. Patio Bullrich and Recoleta Mall are two popular retail complexes. If you like fully accessible shopping, there are several boutique businesses to find around the area.

Recoleta is a foodie’s dream. When it pertains to culinary cuisine, Buenos Aires is a magnificent destination to visit, and Recoleta is the best of the field.

Perfect For: Art Lovers, Visiting for the First Time, Luxury Travellers, Shopaholics, Nature Lovers, Foodies, Couples & Families, Sightseeing, Prospective Historians and so much more.

Places to visit include Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Museo Roca, Plaza Teniente General Emilio Mitre, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Monument to the Republic of Lebanon and others.

Suggestions for Hotels include Malala Hostel, Esplendor Plaza Francia, Alvear Palace Hotel, Loi Suites Recoleta Hotel.

Puerto Madero

Puerto madero

The district of Puerto Madero will attract the curiosity of economical travellers and fashionable tourists alike. It’s a neighborhood that’s seen a lot of revitalization in the previous several years. Puerto Madero, formerly an operated dockland, is today a vibrant neighborhood with a distinct personality. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re interested in urban pictures.

Puerto Madero is a terrific alternative for budget backpackers – or even adventurous people looking to get some exercise. The Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve is one of the top free things to do in Buenos Aires, taking up much of the area. Residents use the region, which has paved routes for exercising in the mornings and evenings sunset. It’s also a favorite picnic spot for families with children.

The Sarmiento Frigate Ship Museum is an underappreciated Puerto Madero sight worth visiting. The ship was completed in 1898 and has since been converted into an exhibition.

Perfect For: Art Lovers, Nature Lovers, Foodies, Couples & Families, Sightseeing, Prospective Historians and so much more.

Places to visit include Monumento a San Marco, Museo Etnográfico Juan B. Ambrosetti, Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, Sarmiento Frigate Ship Museum, Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Art Collection and others.

Suggestions for Hotels include Alvear Icon Hotel, Hilton Buenos Aires and Faena Hotel Buenos Aire.


We’ve broken down the best places to stay in Buenos Aires in our guide! There’s a neighborhood for everyone, whether you want to visit the greatest museums and art galleries, or partake in the famed Buenos Aires nightlife.

You may probably spend months in this huge metropolis, therefore we recommend establishing a stronghold in the perfect location to feel at ease.

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